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This is Michelle. Michelle has lost 15.5lbs since 5.31.16! My biggest fear with her was her inability to lift her feet off the ground while she was in supine (laying down, facing up) position due to some weakened muscles in her core and back areas BUT, that was a main point in all of her programming and she can now do it really well! She's stronger, healthier, and has an overall increase in functionality! Outside of sessions with me, she eats well and does her own routines which adds to the overall weight loss that she has achieved! Just look at that smile!!



Congratulations Michelle! Keep up the intensity! This is how you show your WINGS!!

This is Amanda! We met Amanda on a random day some months ago, she was just rolling through machines and we ended up talking about goals and fitness and her journey! She started her journey 2 months prior and lost about 25 pounds! If you only knew the HALF of what this woman has been through!! Since day 1 she's been putting in hard work, session after session, day after day. The weight loss may be the largest thing on display here but, man has she gotten stronger, her posture is loads better, her sass is way up, and many more things that probably cannot fit into a short description!! Training you has been a BLAST! Let's keep up all the progress!!


SW (after training with us);219

CW: 185


This is how you show your WINGS!!


This is Jason! This man only came to the gym for a consultation. So, thats what we gave him! After a bit of talking about his goals and fitness, he decided to try some personal training! Boy, was that ever a great decision for both of us! He is a trainers dream! Follows all directions, trusts in his trainer, gets some serious work done, and will definitely take on ANY challenge you put in front of him! After having a gastric bypass surgery done before meeting with us he lost a TON of weight, but gained most of it back and now he's throwing it away to ever return! Catch him doing some of our wildest workouts!!

SW: 239


This is how you show your WINGS!!

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